Monday, March 5, 2012

Leap Year Lab! 2/29

The lab this week was uneventful because due to the unfortunate weather there were hardly any students there. This made the group significantly easier to manage however it did present us with a small problem. It seems that when more students are around, the group is more likely to participate in games. Unfortunately once one student would decide against participating in the activity the rest seemed to follow quickly. Because of this none of our games ultimately ended up lasting very long however that’s not to say they weren’t successful at all or that they wouldn’t be more successful in a different setting. When there is a group that’s entirely to large or to small for an activity that is when it becomes our job as educators to think on our feet and some times stray away from our lesson plans in order to run a more successful Phys. Ed. Environment.

The Great Debate

The great deabate in class was very successful. I enjoyed my role on the board because it allowed me to see all 3 points of view without having to fully commit to one single idea. All three groups did a great job presenting and offered supporting evidence to state their case however the lifetime sports group and the skills group clearly had more domintant arguments than the stick skills group but not for lack of effort. I think that the stick skills group had a wonderful presentation however the bottom line is that teaching only hockey lacrosse and field hockey in a PE setting would not be logical in creating a physically educated person. Over all it appears to me that getting kids to participate in skill oriented sports and lifetime sports seems like the right way to teach physical education however why not try to draw from all three groups? I think because there are so many types of movements out there, and  there are so many applications for every movement the only way we can proceed as educators is to try to make or students as physically versitile as possible. I believe that I came from a good physical education program because when I was in school I learned how to encorperate all 3 areas of sport into my PE time at some point.